Food to Food Composting

Gathering food waste from households and restaurants around South Phoenix and turning it into plant-boosting compost. 

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First, we truck in hundreds of pounds of food waste from around the valley.

Then, we mix it in to our soil piles to start the composting process.

We organize the soil into rows, water it, and let it cook for 12-13 weeks.

Now we have compost ready to nourish plants for growers in South Phoenix!

According to the EPA, food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills. There, it rots and produces methane, a greenhouse gas that’s much more potent than Carbon Dioxide.

With this project, we’re diverting hundreds of pounds of food waste to be used in our compost. This way, less greenhouse gases are released and we’re able to turn the food waste into even more food!

We’re also using this as an opportunity to educate! This is part of a waste diversion project at V.H. Lassen Elementary school, where the kids learn about the cycle of food. They learn how to play their part in eating sustainably to care for our planet! 

Do you want to help us divert more food waste and educate youth on food systems?

Do you want to boost your plant growth with compost that diverts food waste?


5 Gallon Bucket: $5


1.5 cubic foot bag: $7


1 Yard: $30

15 + 6 =

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