Grow Larger, Healthier Plants

Buy compost made by experienced farmers from local food waste.

Corn without compost 👇🏻

Corn with compost 👇🏻

Note – these two plots of corn were exposed to the same amount of sunlight, and these pictures were taken at the same time in their growing period.

Our Team Knows Compost

Our 13 years in professional growing experience has shaped a process to produce effective compost that keeps plants healthy, growing, and disease free.

Re-use food waste that would’ve gone to the landfill

We’re closing the cycle of food waste by collecting from restaurants and households in the South Phoenix Area.

Reasonable Prices for Maximum Plant Health


5 Gallon Bucket: $5

Good for X square feet of soil.

1.5 cubic foot bag: $7

Good for X square feet of soil.

1 Yard: $30

Good for X square feet of soil.

Get your compost now!

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