Sustainable Urban Farming 


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Agriculture, Math in action....  

Dr. Brooks Aquaponics 101  with Southwest Elementary School Sixth Graders learn how to grow vegetables in a new way through aquaponics. 

​​Direct experience is an ideal teacher. We create hands-on experiences for youth ages 5-18 to  include a summer camp and project based learning through the academic year; STEAM certified.  Parents play a key role as co-teachers and "comparers/os". 

Healthy Communities

We respect, honor, and celebrate food as foundational to wellness. Seasonal, naturally grown and affordable food belongs on your table - find us at Farmers markets and be a member of our CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture).

We cultivate crops in a way that honors the people who grow our food and conserves the soil that sustains us;  it reflects who we are.  

Miguel our farmer, receives a just wage, and we maximize soil health through zero pesticide and chemical use, composting, crop rotation and water conservation. 

the orchard community learning center

Our Products:

Current Happenings 

We advocate community conversations though workshops, events and actions. Supporting family relationships and community partnerships that promote healthy lifestyles in south Phoenix creates healthy communities. 

From Our Garden to Your Table 

Membership in our CSA  Community Supported Agriculture) is new at the Orchard! Members subscribe to the Orchard for a growing season to share in the benefits of a fresh, pesticide-free, locally sourced and seasonal harvest, and in doing so, help create an economically viable market garden right here in Phoenix.  We'd love to have you join us!