Orchard Tree Map

Check out this map for a look at the many trees that can be found at the Orchard!

August Healthy Roots Newsletter

OCLC In Schools | Volunteers | Irrigation Update | Nature Explore

July Healthy Roots Newsletter

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We Are Hiring: Americorps VISTA Youth Engagement Facilitator

We are looking for someone who is excited and passionate about working with youth to promote healthy lifestyles, and working with the Orchard to create new programs as we continue to grow and flourish! If you are interested in educating youth on organic urban farming...

June Healthy Roots Newsletter

Nature Explore | Irrigation at The Orchard | Thank You For Your Support | Food to Food Composting

The Orchard Community Learning Center

We create a flourishing local food system by supporting Phoenix growers.

Our communities need more real local food.

You deserve to have access to local food and the knowledge to grow it. The mass-produced commercial food system does a disservice to both farmers and local communities. It leaves farmers financially dependent on chemical fertilizers. It destroys the soil and surrounding ecosystem. It leaves impoverished communities with no easy access to local, whole food.

We’re gathering all of the growers, local farmers, and nature lovers to empower real, local food.

Programs to empower growers and educate communities.

We’re changing the food system in Phoenix. Our programs make it easier to grow good produce and help the community access it.

Healthy Roots Café

Nurturing chefs of the next generation with a student run, locally sourced vegan café.

Food-to-Food Composting

Diverting food waste and fueling new growth.

Our Harvest

Giving farmers easy access to farmers markets.


Education on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agriculture/Activism (A³), and Math.

Garden Beds

Custom Garden bed builds for fresh food and a touch of nature in your space. 

Can you help us grow our programs and make local food more accessible?

The freshest farmers markets in Phoenix.


You can find The Orchard at multiple farmers markets around town.

Spaces of Opportunity Farmers Market

Year Round, Saturdays 7pm – 9pm*

1200 W. Vineyard Road Phoenix, AZ 85041

Our Harvest/Nuestra Cosecha Market

Year round, Mondays 8am – 12pm*

635 E. Baseline Phoenix, AZ 85041

Phoenix Public Market

Year round, Saturdays 8am – 12pm* 

721 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004

*Not open on major holidays

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Your support funds educational programs, gives the community access to local food, and pays a just wage to those who feed us.

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